Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just A Little Magic

Sometimes are biggest problems have a brilliant and easy
solution thats takes awhile to discover. And that when
we do discover it we think,"How did I ever live without
this miracle product?". It happens to the best of us
and it eventually happens to all of us.

Once its discovered it becomes a must have item,a
favorite even. Then you tell all your friends about
it and they use it. Then they go bragging about it.
And before you know it you've started a fan club
and soon it becomes a "cult" item if you know what
I mean.

Kinerase Instant Radiance Facial Peels
are just that.
Not only does it exfoiliate,it contains lactic acids and
natural extracts so that its not so harsh on the skin.
Many facial peels are a bit rough on the skin,but not
this.It doesn't even sting. Use this daily for five
days then take a break of at least two weeks before
the next application.

Its also easy to use, after you regularly wash your
face,just use the swab-like applicator and apply the
solution over your face,but don't rinse it off. This
is the one facial peel you don't rinse off.

What's a product you can't live without?


artfulfrog said...

Lip gloss, I love it.

shopinchic said...

Lip gloss is another
good product I can't
live without. Same
with perfume.