Sunday, June 22, 2008

Think Pink

Jaqua's new Pink
Potion line is incredible! They've got Pink Potion hand
creme,shower creme,and cocoa butter. Everything Jaqua
makes is uber-glam and their Pink Potion line is the
same. The line's products are packed jasmine,Indian
Mimosa,tuberose,and clove scents. But each product
is also filled with nourishing ingredients,like the
shower cream contains aloe,vitamins,fruit extracts,
kukui and evening primrose oil.

You can layer the cocoa butter and hand creme
(which includes white florals and amber) for
an exhilarating scent. This is what sweet
smelling dreams are made of.


artfulfrog said...

I like the color pink.

shopinchic said...

I also like the retro glam packaging too