Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Glow,Girl!

If your're anything like me you want to have a natural glow.
And no I am not talking about bronze this time. I am just
talking about an allover rosy glow that makes you look happy.

Smashbox Soft Lights
is more than just a blush,its a
powder that enhances a natural glow. I can see why its a
2008 Best of Sephora Nominee,as its easy to come up
with many ideas on how to use this. Here's a few of my
favorite ideas.

1-Brush a little dark eyeshadow on the lid,then brush a
little Soft Lights over the eyelid and over on the crease,
too. Add a little black eyeliner and mascara and you got
a shimmery nighttime look.

2-Cut out and crumble Soft Lights powder and mix it up with some moisturizing lotion and rub onto your skin for a summery glow.

Here are the five lovely shades:Glow,Highlight,Prism,Shimmer and Tint.

No matter your tone,you should get all of these different
shades because they are so versaitile.


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shopinchic said...

Yeah,and I threw in a few tips to show that anyone can multitask certain cosmetics.

Rashmi Naik said...

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